Best Catcher's Baseball Glove - The Rawlings Pro Preferred Review

Best Catcher's Baseball Glove
Best Catchers Baseball Gloves

The Rawlings Pro Preferred Catcher’s Mitt is undoubtedly a choice glove in the field of play and it’s one of the Best Catcher's Baseball Glove in 2017. True to their word, Rawlings gloves are the finest. The catcher’s mitt is designed with a back design and wrist adjustment for a perfect fit and maximum control.

The gloves are laced with strong and durable leather for a constant and reliable performance, while your glove becomes your most trusted partner throughout every game. The casing is fully padded and makes break-in easy and quick without affecting the catcher’s performance.

The close web design glove has a deep pocket for the catcher to scoop the ball while it’s fully padded gloves, and has zero shock as it absorbs the pressure that could be felt from catching a fast flying ball and reducing the impact felt. It could also be worn by softball players and those in recreational leagues. It has good customer reviews of 5-star’s from individuals who bought the glove.

Features & Specifications:

  • Position: Catcher
  • Size: 33"

Best catcher's baseball glove - runner up's

You can also choose theAkadema AGC98 series glove for its quality spiral lock web, deep pocket and open back. It has a 32 circumference with the shape of a praying mantis, a convenient pattern for catching high flying balls.

The 11-inch pattern Akadema ARA93 rookie series glove has a reptilian design and a B-hive web and comes with the Akadema wrist system that locks the player’s hand in the glove for easy catching. It is available on the right or left-hand throw and uses the same U.S. select steer hide leather pocket and web as the Akadema professional series which give it more quality and increased durability.

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