Best First Base Baseball Glove - Wilson A2K Brandon Phillips Review

Best First Base Baseball Glove
Best First Base Baseball Glove

Since the first base player is expected to catch balls hit in the air, the Wilson A2K Brandon Phillips is a great option. It is made of Pro stock select leather and provides comfort beyond what most synthetic and leather baseball gloves can offer. Its craftsmanship is unique; it is of high-quality design and breaks in easily without much stress. The palm, being the heart of all gloves requires strength and sturdiness to ensure that the gloves can be in use for a long period of time before being replaced.

This is why Wilson doubles the palm construction to give it an extra layer, which strengthens and keeps the gloves firm and keep wrinkles out so that the ball can be held firmly in the pocket and the gloves can close in roundly as expected as the construction extends into the fingers. The rolled dual welting gives the glove a bend at the fingertips while supporting the glove pocket; thus maintaining the shape of the fingers, pocket, and palms while playing.

The Wilson A2k is definitely one glove players can’t turn down where durability and firmness are concerned. The faux snakeskin that runs along the back makes it unique in its look and texture like no other glove. The 11.5inch A2K model is now in red, saddle tan, black and white. It has a 5-star rating on Amazon.

Features & Specifications:

  • Position: First Base
  • Size: 11.5"

Breaking in the Brandon Phillips Wilson Glove

Interested in learning how the Wilson's Best Baseball gloves are made? Watch below:

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