Best Infield's Baseball Glove - Wilson A2000 1786 Review

Best Infield's Baseball Glove
Best Pitcher's Baseball Glove

Another quality glove from the Wilson factory , especially for infielders. This Wilson A2000, considered the Best Infield's Baseball Glove, is 11.5 inches in size. Like most other Wilson brand gloves, the A2000 1786 is made from a Pro stock leather, thus giving it a durable strength on the field and allowing breaking in without compromising firmness.

Industrial components such as the dual welting maintain a long lasting and strong pocket that holds the ball firmly in place. The Wilson A2000 1786 is a popular product with a five-star rating among customers who have bought and used it.

Features & Specifications:

  • Position: Infield
  • Size: 11.75"

A quick work from the pro's:

Interested in learning how the Wilson's Best Baseball gloves are made? Watch below:

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