Best Pitcher's Baseball Glove - Wilson A2000 Clayton Kershaw Review

Best Pitcher's Baseball Glove
Best Pitcher's Baseball Glove

Having a hard time finding the Best Pitcher's Baseball Glove? From customers’ reviews, this glove is undoubtedly the best selling product in the market today. It is 11.75 inches in size and fits perfectly to be worn in a game. The game model glove has a 2-piece web (H-shaped) which conceals the pitcher’s ball and grip totally from other players.

It is made of a Pro stock leather which is durable and allows an easy break-in process. One other feature that has made it a favorite amongst players is the Dri-Lex lining tech on the wrist, which absorbs build-up sweats on the wrists, thus keeping the hands cool and dry from accumulated sweat and moisture during the game.

The double welting that runs through the finger to the fingertips of the glove increases the playing ability of the glove at any given time. Its durability and strength increase with consistent usage, unlike some other synthetic gloves that don’t make it through the first break-in.

The A200 Clayton Kershaw baseball glove has a ninety percent 5-star rating from customers who would not settle for anything other than the best. The Wilson A2000 baseball glove is a great product worth having for any pitcher.

Features & Specifications:

  • Position: Pitcher
  • Size: 11.75"

A quick word from the pro's:

Interested in learning how the Wilson's Best Baseball gloves are made? Watch below:

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