Rawlings Pro Preferred Glove Anthony Rizzo Baseball Glove Review

Rawlings Pro Preferred Glove Anthony Rizzo

Product overview

Rawlings is known for their high-quality sports gear. Over the years, they have been gaining recognition for many of their products, such as the Rawlings infielder glove, the Rawlings outfielder glove, and their well-designed catcher glove.

Now, we are reviewing the Pro Preferred Glove (Anthony Rizzo), which is a Rawlings first base glove. It is named after Anthony Rizzo, the three-time All-Star first baseman for the Chicago Cubs (MLB). Rizzo is one of the most famous and prolific players in the MLB, so it is not surprising at all that he has this glove named after him.

Let us see if the Rawlings Pro Preferred Glove (Anthony Rizzo) does live up to the hype and if it is as good as the other gloves we have come to know from this company. Hopefully, it is worthy of having Anthony Rizzo’s name attached to it.

Who is it good for?

As the product name suggests, this product is designed for first baseman, and it is available in both right- and left-handed gloves. As a first baseman, you are one of the most important people out on the field, and it is extremely important that you have a reliable glove during the game.

Moreover, we think you will definitely like the Rawlings Pro Preferred Glove (Anthony Rizzo) if you are a practical individual who prioritizes value for money when shopping around for baseball gear. Like the wildly popular Rawlings catcher mitt and the company’s other products, this glove comes with a lot of nice features fit for a typically more expensive glove.

Rawlings Pro Preferred Glove

Key Features

Material and Foam

The Rawlings Pro Preferred Series (Anthony Rizzo) glove is made of full-grain kip skin leather shell, which is just ideal for such heavily used gear. Kip leather is very smooth and has a rather clean look that carries wear and tear quite well.

Moreover, it is very easy and quick to break in because it “learns” your hand and preferences right away.

Deertough Finger Back Lining

The great thing about deertouch lining (any type of deerskin, really) is that they are superior in nearly any aspect. They are soft and supple, they look good, they last long, they are very elastic, they hold up well against the elements, and they adjust to the hand easily. Regardless of whether you are a new or experienced baseball player, we think you will love the deertouch lining of this glove.

100% wool blend padding

Wool blend padding has great cushioning effect and does a good job of shielding your hand from a baseball flying at nearly 100 mph. It is also very durable and holds it shape very well even with season after season of heavy use.

Rolled leather welting

Rolled leather welting means rolled thin strips of leather. This kind of design feature helps ensure durability and dexterity. This is one of the things that may help you a lot if you are really concerned about breaking your glove in.

Pittards® sheepskin lining

Sheepskin lining is ideal for gloves because this kind of material is good at absorbing sweat and are very gentle on the skin. They are also very soft and comfortable while being highly durable. In the case of the Rawlings Pro Preferred Glove (Anthony Rizzo), the sheepskin is from renowned company Pittards. You should pay attention to this because you will be wearing your glove for long periods.

100 lb pro lace

Being a first baseman is tough. Aside from having naturally strong arms and hands, you need to have a sturdy glove with high tensile strength. Right now, 100 lb is among the best you can find on the market.

Wide back opening

The Rawlings Pro Preferred Glove (Anthony Rizzo) has a wide opening on the back above the wrist. It maximizes dexterity and flexibility. A lot of the guys we know who have tried this glove say that although it is a little stiff at first, you can instantly appreciate the room for movement.

Conventional back with horizontal web (X-laced)

The backhand design of the glove allows for durability and glove strength while maintaining good ventilation and dexterity.


  • Breaks in quickly and easily
  • Holds shape well
  • High-grade materials
  • Comes in several color options


  • Some units are too stiff


Overall, we feel that the Rawlings Pro Preferred Glove (Anthony Rizzo) is definitely worth checking out. For the price, it comes with a lot of features making baseball a lot easier on your hand.

If you are new to baseball, you may find this glove a good piece of starter gear. Likewise, if you have been playing baseball for a while, you may notice that this glove is one of the best among the ones you have tried so far in your career.

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