Fairtex Thai Style Training Boxing Gloves Review

Fairtex Thai Style Training Boxing Gloves

According to Fairtex, what makes the Fairtex Thai Style Training Boxing Gloves outstanding is their custom-made leather from a classic tannery that believes in humans more than machines. Well, this has proven so true in their manufacture of the some of the top best boxing gloves. The Thai style training boxing gloves are made of top grain leather construction; well-made and sturdy enough to provide the force, rigidity, and protection needed in a glove.

The padding of the glove is evenly distributed around the glove to protect the entire hand. The glove is an evidence of top notch craftsmanship and quality over quantity. It is perfect for bag work and features a wraparound hook and loop wristband which is much easier to use while providing a better-controlled fit and comfort for the user.

The boxing glove also creates a tight and compact design; it is shock absorbing and has a high-density foam core thumb attached to it for an additional safety. It offers a great wrist support and despite its size and padding, it still feels light and compact and proves to be a trusted boxing companion for as long as you can imagine. The Thai style training glove is a 4.6 star rated product.

Features & Specifications:

  • Size: 16 oz
  • Material: Top grain leather
  • HD foam core thumb attachment
  • Light and compact
  • Shock absorber

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