Rival High Performance Hook-and-Loop Sparring Gloves

Rival Sparring Boxing Gloves

The Rival Sparring Boxing Gloves are a full-grain all leather construction and one of the best boxing gloves for a professional boxer. With its skillfully constructed shape, the glove is able to absorb impact from every blow without having to feel any pain or shock.

It features a double wrist support with a 15 angled strap at the wrist for an anatomical fit. The glove also has a separated thumb which provides support while throwing punches and prevents sprains.

The cuffs are made longer than other boxing gloves to cover a large surface area even up to the forearm, while this length is an extra protection for the user, it does not hinder the hand or wrist motion in any way.

The ergo hook and loop double straps are added to give a greater protection on the wrist thus extending the time spent on training. Despite the thick padding, the glove is made of, it is still made to look thin and smooth with a full grain leather exterior, which is one reason the Rival high makes it as one of the best boxing gloves.

With the rise in the use of synthetic leather as a replacement for full grained leather, owning a glove with a full grain leather exterior is like owning a treasure you can’t afford to part with; and this glove has proved to be a trusted pair that would stick with you through the years. It feels comfortable and secure to wear and also has a professional look to it with the extra comfort provided by the laminated inner lining. The glove has a 4-star rating and is getting more reviews everyday.

Features & Specifications:

  • Size: 12oz -18oz
  • Padding: over 1.75 inches of layered foam padding
  • Material: Full grain all leather
  • Lining: Comfortable laminated inner lining
  • Straps: Ergo xtrem strap system (hook and loop double strap)
  • Cuff: Long
  • Double wrist support
  • 15 angled wrist strap

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