Emerge Pull-up w/ Wrist Protector Crossfit Gloves Review

Best Crossfit Gloves - Emerge

The EMERGE brand callus free glove is by far one of the best CrossFit gloves you can invest in for an improved workout. It is sturdily built with an open-air design that ensures the breathability of the glove and keeps the hands cool and dry.

They have a longer wrist wrap for extra wrist stability and support. It is easy to break in and theY-strap at the back of the hand makes the glove fit more securely. The glove has different palm grip sizes available for you to select from and it is the best glove for CrossFit that will guarantee a callus free workout session.

The reinforced palm with PVC leather and Silicone printing makes the glove suitable for activities like kettle bell swings, toes-to-bars, kipping, and butterfly pull-ups. The gloves do not require much chalking and you can be assured of getting the best grip. They’re lightweight and have a built-in wrist wrap, meaning you don’t have to worry about buying another.

The wrist wrap is 2 inches thickness and 15 inches long providing the necessary support you need for proper functioning. The palm grip is made of cushioned leather and gives enough covering on the hand for proper function and comfort. The gloves are affordable and have a 100% money back guarantee.

Features & Specifications:

  • Open-air design
  • Reinforced palm with PVC leather and Silicone printing
  • Longer wrist wraps (15 inches long)
  • Breathable grip
  • Different palm grip sizes
  • 100% money back guarantee

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