MAVA WOD Wrist Support Crossfit Gloves Review

MAVA WOD Wrist Support

The EVO glove is an open finger glove constructed to give a perfect fit with a snug and comfortable feeling. It is also a 3-dimensional unisex fit glove, making it suitable for both male and female crossfitters. The gloves feature a double wrist wrap system that includes an integrated wrist wrap and a velcro wrist wrap, which means that you don’t have to worry about buying an extra wrap.

The wrist wrap gives an improved wrist support and protection during every workout session. It has an advanced grip gel and anti-slip feature to improve the user’s grip on CrossFit equipment and prevent slips.

The back of the palm has high-density foam padding for an extra protection. These gloves are the best for CrossFit where quality, stitching, padding and feel is considered and you get the best out of your money by owning a pair of EVO gloves.

Other distinguishing features include the upper finger rubber molded knuckles that offer an extra protection; a removable plastic hook for convenient storage and a pull off tape and tab for easy removal. The gloves are made specifically for heavyweight, yoga, cycling, gym and other forms of exercise. It is a 4.7 star rated glove and made out of durable materials.

Features & Specifications:

  • Advanced grip gel
  • Upper finger rubber molded knuckles
  • 3-dimensional unisex fit
  • Double wrist wrap system –integrated and Velcro wrist wrap
  • Anti-slip
  • Pull off tape and tab
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Removable plastic hook

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