StrongerRX Forever LT15 Crossfit Gloves Review

Best Crossfit Gloves - Mechanix Tactical

The Mechanix Tactical glove is another best CrossFit glove made of faux (synthetic) leather with a covert color. The saying “fits like a glove” is true of this particular brand with its thinner construction that gives a snug fit and allows you to feel the objects you are working on as though it were just your hands.

The palm is vented to allow lots of air into the palm thus reducing perspiration on the palms; also, the vent on the glove allows water to drain easily during activities that involve water as it does not soak up or retain water thus allowing it to dry fast. The palm material is thick and rugged enough to protect during any form of activity from handlebars to dumbbells and the gloves are made for durability.

The gloves also feature a soft micro-felt pad that makes it easy to wipe off accumulated sweat on the brows while working. The form-fitting mesh lets cool air into the glove and reduces heat buildup on the palms while working out. The thumb has a perforated reinforcement panel for durability while there is also a vented reinforcement panel for total protection and comfort.

The gloves are washable and have a nylon cord loops to hang or store the glove easily when not in use. They have 4.4-star rating with a 90-days warranty against manufacturer defects.

Features & Specifications:

  • ​Material: Synthetic leather
  • Perforated reinforcement panel
  • Form fitting mesh
  • Nylon cord loops
  • Soft micro-felt pad for brow sweat wipe
  • Vented palm reinforcement panel
  • Warranty: 90 days

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