StrongerRX Forever LT15 Crossfit Gloves Review

Best Crossfit Gloves - RickTape G-loves

These gloves are what can be described as pearls in a shell. They are often overlooked until someone who can identify a treasure comes across it. They are plain, simple looking fitness gloves with a great functional feature you can’t guess unless you try it out.

The gloves feature a Paracord pull strap to give a great snug fit that gives the glove a natural feel. They are lightweight, which means that you don’t have to worry about putting on an extra burden and they have an excellent breathability concept and overall movement flexibility.

The palm material is made of synthetic leather and goes perfectly well with gym chalk giving the extra grip needed for an effective workout. The Rocktape G-Loves are comfortable while the materials used are light and soft thus earning it its position among the best gloves for CrossFit.

It has a seamless palm construction that helps to reduce the friction that otherwise would have caused blisters, thus the gloves prove very good at their major purpose - hand protection. The gloves also feature special hook grip thumb protection; doubling the protection the thumb receives to reduces the risk of a thumb injury.

Features & Specifications:

  • Material: Synthetic leather
  • Para-cord pull strap
  • Breathable gloves
  • Excellent wrist support
  • False grip silicon ribs
  • Hook grip thumb protection
  • Seamless palm construction
  • Sweat wipe
  • Touch screen friendly

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