StrongerRX Forever LT15 Crossfit Gloves Review

Best Crossfit Gloves - StrongerRX Forever Gloves

These are quite expensive gloves but the package includes a replacement program that has been put in place so it has made its way to this list as one of the best gloves for CrossFit. Although one will have to register the purchase to complete the enrollment and you have an assurance of replacement anytime you want, packaged and shipped to you. If for nothing, this unique program has given StrongerRx gloves a reputation among other best CrossFit gloves.

Other features include the Permax super flexible material used in making the gloves; it allows for natural mobility of the hands and gives an excellent wrist support. The lightweight but breathable gloves also provide comfort for any fitness application. The ultra-flexible fabric is easy to wash and has an enhanced durability. While the gloves are guaranteed to last forever, the replacement program extends the life and allows for consistent, continuous and rigorous use.

It feels so light when worn over the hands that it doesn’t feel like you have a glove on yet it gives a super grip on bars during workouts. The StrongerRx gloves have 4.5-star rating among customers who have tested and proven their quality.

Features & Specifications:

  • Lightweight innovation
  • Silicone non-slip grips
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Flexible SupermaX ventilated palms
  • Compatible to operate touchscreen devices
  • Superb ergonomic design

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