Cutters Gamer All Purpose Football Gloves Review

Best Football Gloves - Cutters Gamer

Product Highlights

As a manufacturer, Cutters is known for overall functionality, even stealing the show from other more popular brands such as Nike. This glove is known for stickiness, which means that it is highly capable in holding up in all types of weather conditions. At the same time, it can also be cleaned easily, as this is a trademark among all gloves under this brand.

When not in use, these gloves can be machine washed and dried, unlike other football gloves which are made out of thinner material. Also, it offers high quality protection, as it is made out of compressed foam padding that adds further compression protection on the upper side of the glove.

Our Opinion

Even though these football gloves are limited to 5 colors , the all-white look is favored by many. The design and functionality of this model would even be better if agile position is added for protection, including the use of a receiver, running back, linebackers and defensive backs.

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