Cutters ShockSkin Gamer Football Gloves Review

Best Football Gloves - Cutters ShockSkin Gamer

Product Highlights

Using this pair of gloves, the manufacturer has teamed up with Shock Doctor in order to come up with the ShockSkin Contour Technology, thus resulting to bringing the quality of the product to a higher level. This product is ideal for athletes and players who are searching for a good option on gloves that offer a low profile protection, while maintaining dexterity, feel and grip.

It also uses EVA foam which is lightweight and thin, which means that it can offer the wearer maximum comfort alongside freedom of moving around. As a product under the Cutters Gloves brand, it uses the C-Track performance grip material, often considered as the only design wherein the grip can be considered as part of the actual material.

Our Opinion

We recommend the use of these football gloves for receivers who seek protection, running back positions, as well as linebackers. In high school level football, these gloves can also be used for both DL and OL positions. The design of these gloves is amazing, since the manufacturer took the effort in incorporating ergonomic flexing air channels which allow the hand of the player to freely move, unrestricted.

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