Nike Vapor Jet Lightspeed Football Gloves Review

Best Football Gloves - Nike Vapor Jet Lightspeed

Product Highlights

In terms of reputation, Nike is a company that is known for producing high quality sports equipment, shoes, clothes, as well as accessories. As a matter of fact, their football gloves are highly famous. There are a lot of international athletes and club players who prefer using these gloves for matches.

Nike gloves are comfortable to wear. It is another cool offer from the manufacturer. What makes it standout is the addition of mesh knuckles which may help in easily adjusting fingers. The use of sturdy outsole also helps in preventing possible injuries on the fingers.

Our Opinion

We highly recommend these football gloves from Nike for teenage players. Aside from the cool design, it is also equipped with features that make it a dependable choice. For example, we like the fact that it comes with an adjustable closure which is available for a customized fit.

We have observed that these gloves do not grip really well when playing on dusty field. This is because the gloves tend not to hold well when exposed even to the slightest dirt or dust on them. This is applicable, even on brand new gloves. These gloves are ideal, however, for turf fields as well as well-maintained grass fields.

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