Under Armour Nitro Football Gloves Review

Best Football Gloves - Under Armour Nitro

Product Highlights

One standout feature of these gloves is the use of a seamless palm. This feature allows the perforation process to take effect via the openings which further boosts the comfort brought about by the cooling ventilation. The palm is also designed in a way that provides comfort for the human hand.

As a bonus, it is also equipped with an amazing appearance which makes them a head turner. In order to further enhance safety, it uses a Velcro that is sticky enough to allow flexibility. At the same time, the use of a molded fitting for the CompFit wrist cuff and the TPR closure, these gloves are ideal for footballers who want to have great ball control.

Our Opinion

We recommend the Under Armour Men's Nitro Football Gloves among the best defensive gloves which are ideal for footballers who want to ensure that ball control is on their side. Aside from serving as a competitive gear, it also serves as a highly effective performance apparel.

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