Wilson Adult Authority Skill Football Gloves Review

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Product Highlights

These gloves have been designed to incorporate the use of the TACKtech Palm Technology which offers the most advanced types of materials which optimizes ball handling. At the same time, it also uses Profuse Technology which offers an exo-structural compression right at the backhand of the gloves, thus ensuring stability and fit.

Also, these gloves come equipped with a breathable and light stretch poly backhand which enhances maximum ventilation. Its reinforced thumb-index and finger extension points also increases durability of this model. With its right-fit double pull slant strap as wrist closure, there is a secure and snug fit to be expected when wearing these gloves.

Our Opinion

One thing we liked about these gloves is that they come true to their size. For example, during testing, a long fingered user ordered the large size, fitting just perfectly. In terms of appearance and design, this model comes with stripes located on the gloves’ palm side, allowing great visual from a quarterback, to a receiver’s hand.

These gloves are also very sticky. This means that it also calls for the need of recommended appropriate storage when not in use. A football can be held right at the tip, using the thumb, as well as the forefinger, using these gloves.

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