Mizuno ThermaGrip Golf Gloves Review

Best Golf Gloves - Mizuno ThermaGrip

Product Highlights

With everything the glove has to offer, it feels so right to have it on the list of the best golf gloves for 2017. Starting with its sturdy build and moisture control feature, the gloves are superiorly made to stand out on the hands of any golfer who wears them.

They are packed in pairs and they fit perfectly without leaving extra baggage on the hand like a wrinkled face. It is designed in such a way that every user can easily adjust it to their custom fit size without any sense of discomfort.

Based on the size, there are different sizes ranges you can pick from which means you don’t have to worry about getting an oversize or undersize but you will definitely get just the right fit that will provide the needed grip for a great shot. The gloves are made to be suitable for play under a hot or cold weather condition while still giving the hands the comfort needed in a pair of gloves.


  • Full grain leather palm
  • Wind and waterproof upper fabric
  • Winter Cuff for warmth and snug fit
  • Sold in pairs

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