Nike 2015 Dura feel VIII All-Weather Golf Gloves Review

Best Golf Gloves - Nike Dura Feel VIII

Product Highlights

Trust when we say this is a glove you need to try out. Made from a combination of durable materials, with a palm and thumb area fixed to give an improved glove feel, fit, and complete grasp.

The gloves remain breathable due to the perforations on the back. They are made to fit different hand sizes and shapes which is why it is a most sought after product, thus earning its place among the best golf gloves 2017 where it belongs.

The adjustable angled tab finishing guarantees a secure fit and prevents the glove from shifting or slipping from its position. It consists of stretch fabrics in the finger areas and at the back of the hands, and this gives a greatly improved flexibility whilst allowing free flow of air within the gloves. The palm and thumb area is made with fine goatskin leather for a firmer and sustained grip through holes.

When the price of this awesome product is also considered, you wouldn’t question how it got a 9 star rating among golfers that have tested and proven its worth. All facts duly considered, this is truly one of the best gloves for golf you will find.


  • Material: 85% Polyurethane, 10% Nylon, and 5% goat skin leather
  • Stretchy fabrics on finger and back of hand for flexibility
  • Perforated synthetic leather panel on the back of hand for a better motion range and increased breathability
  • Adjustable angled tab closure for fit and wrist support
  • Genuine goatskin leather on palm and thumb area for better grip

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