Zero Friction Distance Pro Golf Gloves Review

Best Golf Gloves - Zero Friction Pro GPS

Product Highlights

There is no doubt about this product; it is definitely a best golf glove 2017 you won’t want to miss. Though quite high in price point, it is worth every penny spent on it because of the advanced innovations put up in this one glove.

You can be sure of every shot you give from the tee box to the hole. A synthetic leather glove made to give a comfortable feel each time you wear it, these Pro gloves have a smooth palm that allows you to feel the grip of the stick, and black lycra mesh around the fingers and the back of the hands for flexibility and breathability.

Another major feature that makes the Zero friction gloves outstanding on the hand is the wearable GPS device located on the glove flap. It would be expected to be an extra weight on the glove, but this is not so as the device is not too bulky to give an obvious weight.

This device gives you a measured distance from the front, center, and back of the shot to the green. The GPS device is waterproofed and runs on a battery with a 400 hours golf lifespan. The manufacturers offer a replacement program for a worn or damaged glove to be replaced with a newer one.


  • Wearable Bluetooth powered GPS device, removable, waterproof and lightweight
  • Smartphone compatible Zero friction app
  • Replacement program in case of damages
  • Synthetic leather
  • Black Lycra mesh on fingers and back of hands

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