Brine King Superlight 2 Lacrosse Gloves Review

Brine Super King Lightweight 2 Lacrosse Gloves

Product Highlights

The King Superlight 2 from top lacrosse gear manufacturer Brine comes with a nice set of premium features at a mid-range price.

Light weight - This lacrosse glove is one of the lightest available on the market today. That means you can enjoy a fast and aggressive game without worrying about the weight of your bulky glove.

Good ventilation - Brine prides itself in its patented TruVent technology, which keeps your hand cool and helps maintain good grip by maximizing ventilation. In the case of the King Superlight 2, your backhand is bound to experience the full TruVent benefit as the vents are installed on the back of the glove.

Textured nash palm - The palm material on the King Superlight 2 is excellent at improving control, accuracy, and grip. This kind of material gives you a good feel of the stick, allowing you to do tricks and fake out effortlessly.

Our Opinion:

Brine’s King Superlight 2 is a good option for both intermediate and pro laxers. For the price, it surely delivers a lot of features that will be best enjoyed by those who have been playing lacrosse for a while.

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