Brine King Superlight III Lacrosse Gloves Review

Warrior Hypno 4 Lacrosse Gloves

Product Highlights

The King Superlight III combines comfort, protection, and control for a nice gameplay for those starting out as players.

Ax suede tempo palm - The improved palm material found in the King Superlight III is designed not only to improve grip but also to last long. There is an index finger overlay, which further adds durability and strength to the glove.

TruVent technology - Brine is known for their TruVent cooling technology, which speeds up the evaporation of sweat and maximizes airflow through the large vents on the backhand. Aside from keeping your hand cool, this feature gets rid of moisture, which can harm the material in the long run.

Our Opinion:

Given the King Superlight III’s price range and features, we highly recommend it as an ideal glove for both beginner and intermediate lacrosse players. It's soft and comfortable interior allows you to gradually adjust to it as you improve on the sport.

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