Brine Messiah Lacrosse Gloves Review

Brine Messiah Lacrosse Gloves

Product Highlights

The Messiah lacrosse glove is another worthy lacrosse gear investment. Also belonging to the upper price tier, the Messiah offers great comfort without compromising protection and mobility.

Thick but light padding - This glove’s padding is ultra thick and stiff, guaranteeing the best possible protection. Provided you have it in your size and you know how to adjust the glove well, your hands should be able to come out of the roughest game unscathed.

Nash palm - The Messiah, of course, has Brine’s signature nash palm construction, which maximizes grip and control.

Added joints - This lacrosse glove has more joints than its predecessors from Brine, providing additional flexibility. If you have a history of finger or joint injury due to playing, this may alarm you. However, the padding on this glove should take care of your worries.

Our Opinion:

We feel that advanced lacrosse players stand to benefit the most from the Messiah. This glove has all the reinforcement needed for highly intense action that experienced players regularly go through. As we mentioned earlier, Brine’s Messiah is pricey, but you should forget about that completely once you have played with it on.

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