STX Lacrosse Cell 100 Lacrosse Gloves Review

STX Cell 100 Lacrosse Gloves

Product Highlights

STX’s Cell 100 is good news for beginner laxers who are looking for an affordable starter lacrosse glove. This glove is amazingly cheap but you are bound to forget about its price once you start using it because of its features and functionality.

Polyester material - The Cell 100 is made out of polyester, which is known for being extremely durable, flexible, and light. These material qualities ensure that you are able to maneuver your hands as you wish without the fear of damaging the glove material easily.

Adjustable cuff - The lace-fastened cuff of the Cell 100 lets you adjust its fit for comfort and flexibility. You can wear it a little loose so as not to restrict your wrist when controlling the stick or you can tighten it a bit for a more snug fit.

Our Opinion:

The Cell 100 is another glove that proves that the best lacrosse gloves can come at budget-friendly prices. Although very cheap, this glove is comparable with those at the middle price range in terms of comfort, protection, and flexibility.

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