STX Surgeon 500 Gloves with Climate Control Lacrosse Gloves Review

STX Cell 100 Lacrosse Gloves

Product Highlights

The Surgeon 500 from STX is another elite entry to this list, having been seen on the hands of pro laxers a few times recently. It is a sleek-looking glove that successfully combines comfort and function.

Soft padding - The surprising thing about the Surgeon 500 is that it is noticeably softer than nearly all the other lacrosse gloves on the market. Your hand will thank you for wearing this.

Superior protection - The Surgeon 500 comes with STX’s Iso thumb technology, which helps ensure that the most critical yet the most vulnerable part of your hand remains safe from possible injuries.

Ax suede - Top-of-the-line ax suede forms the palm of the Surgeon 500. Combining this material with nearly seamless fabric, you have a glove that guarantees optimal grip and mobility.

Climate Control technology - Climate Control is STX’s answer to the problem of lacrosse glove ventilation. Large vents can be found on the backhand, allowing for generous airflow to reduce sweating and slipping.

Our Opinion:

We believe STX’s Surgeon 500 is designed with the pro player’s needs in mind. It is one expensive glove you would not mind splurging on, given its high-end features and undisputed performance.

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