Warrior Hypno 4 Lacrosse Gloves Review

Warrior Hypno 4 Lacrosse Gloves

Product Highlights

The best lacrosse gloves do not have to be strictly for the pros. Take the Hypno 4 from Warrior, for example. Targeted towards younger and/or beginner laxers, it offers a good set of features that makes the glove a major bargain.

Thumb design - The Hypno 4’s thumb is specially designed to provide a better feel and control of the stick. It is a noticeable adjustment compared with its predecessors from the same line.

Vaporvent and TruVent - This glove’s cooling system consists of the Vaporvent and TruVent technologies from Warrior. Both are designed to maximize airflow to improve comfort and reduce the likelihood of slipping. The difference is that TruVent is found on the backhand.

Cuff and backhand design - The Hypno 4’s cuff is of the double-split type, which lets you have more mobility and control over the stick. Meanwhile, the backhand provides flexibility for cradling.

Our Opinion:

We think the Hypno 4 is a great starter lacrosse glove for young players or older ones who are looking to advance as lacrosse players. This glove is very affordable but manages to cover all your basic needs.

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