Warrior Regulator 2 Rabil Edition Lacrosse Gloves Review

Warrior Regulator 2 Lacrosse Gloves

Product Highlights

Warrior’s Regulator 2 Rabil Edition is easily one of the best gloves we have seen. Even the pros agree that this glove really delivers on its promise and helps improve gameplay.

Extra thumb protection - This premium lacrosse glove from Warrior comes with extra protection around the thumb to prevent common lacrosse-related injuries caused by high-impact action. It does not stop there, though. Although protection is reinforced, the glove remains lightweight enough for comfort and ease of use.

Ax suede - The palm of the Regulator 2 Rabil Edition is made of Ax Suede material, which is known for its ability to allow for a good grip of the stick and its durability. Ax suede manages to do both of these plus more despite being so thin compared with other materials commonly used for lacrosse glove palms.

Reinforced padding - The Regulator 2 Rabil Edition is one of the models with the most padding from Warrior but manages to remain light despite the added material. This feature offers added protection for the hands without compromising comfort and mobility.

Our Opinion:

Looking at the features and not to mention, the price tag, of the Regulator 2 Rabil Edition glove, we recommend it for advanced and pro laxers. Of course, you are free to get one for yourself even if you are new to lacrosse, but you may end up retiring the glove without having taken full advantage of its features. Overall, this glove from Warrior is one of the absolute best in the world of lacrosse gear, no questions asked.

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