The Best Crossfit Gloves in 2017 - The Ultimate Guide

Crossfit workouts depend so much on grips for desired stability and balance, which is why one cannot totally depend on bare hands for the various activities involved. A ripped or torn palm would mean the end of training sessions until your hands heal up, and there is nothing as boring as having a dedicated crossfitter miss a session of his daily workout. This is why you need to find the best crossfit gloves today. 

Having one of the best gloves for CrossFit in your gym bag is a priceless possession that would guarantee your hand protection. A CrossFit glove is a solution you need for calluses, blisters, and tears. It is, like other sports gloves a piece of equipment that ensures protection and better efficiency at what you do and thus enables you to spend a longer period working out than if you had used your bare hands.

Apart from the protection a CrossFit glove offers, there are other benefits a crossfitter gets from owning a pair. The major being a reduced risk of getting the palms ripped open or sustaining other hand injuries from intense workouts. The gloves also gives an enhanced grip, thus reducing the pressure on the hand and enhancing performance.

Since the most CrossFit equipment is generally used by everyone training at the gym, there is a high risk of exposing the hands to germs, most especially hands with open wounds. This could cause infections which are why the gloves are needed to prevent such occurrence. This is just one more, less talked about benefit of a good pair of your own CrossFit gloves.

Since nearly every sporting activity requires gloves, there have been lots of different brands of gloves and with the number of choices, the right one can be difficult to decipher. This is why you need a guide, and on this page, we will give all the necessary information needed to choose the best Crossfit gloves for your workout.

Top 10 of the Best Crossfit Gloves on the Market Today

Anatomy of a Crossfit Glove

A CrossFit glove can be easily identified with the following parts:

Before choosing a new pair of boxing gloves, it is important to know the different parts of the glove and their importance, this will help you to determine the one that is suitable for you based on your preference and what you intend to do with the gloves.


CrossFit gloves whether leather or elastic usually have a padded palm. The palm area bears most of the workload and takes most impact during any workout session and is, therefore, a necessary part of the glove. The palm area of the glove is usually totally covered to protect the hand from blisters and cuts.

Wrist wrap

this serves as a protective cover around the wrist. Most CrossFit gloves don’t have the wrist wrap attached to them, and it is usually bought separately, but the best CrossFit gloves have either a single or a double wrist wrap system. The wrist wrap also gives support and balance to the wrist while working out.


This is an additional feature found in some gloves to give a more secure fitting.


Crossfit gloves are either full fingered or open fingered depending on the brand and most times, consumer preference. Full (Close) finger gloves offer protection on the finger areas while in open finger gloves, the fingers are exposed and susceptible to injuries, although they have the advantage of having more air circulating through the gloves, unlike the full finger gloves.

Top Key Considerations While Choosing The Best Crossfit Gloves

In choosing the best glove for CrossFit, quality can only be assured when the glove meets the following criteria:


Unlike other sports’ gloves that need much padding for protection, the best glove for CrossFit does better with a thin layer of padding. This prevents blisters and tears yet allow you to feel the objects you are working on. Excess padding, on the other hand, will minimize the pain you feel but will also affect the workout by causing a numb feeling on the hand.


This is very important as there is usually a heavy perspiration during different workouts and a sweaty palm would lead to a slippery grip on bars. To avoid this, most gloves are made with meshes, holes or vents to allow a free circulation and flow of air to keep the hands cool and dry throughout the whole session. The best gloves for CrossFit usually feature any one of these or a combination.


A good CrossFit glove should fit comfortably and snugly on the hand. A loose glove can be so annoying and would cause one to stop almost every time to adjust or reposition the glove, so whenever you plan on getting a new pair, get a comfortable fit. Apart from the fit, the gloves should be lightweight and shouldn’t pose an extra burden on the arm.

To choose the best gloves for CrossFit, you shouldn’t trade comfort for protection or grip. Each need should be met without compromising one for another. It is important to note that the level of comfort you get from your glove will determine how much of yourself you can give to the workout effectively; without comfort, it would be better to go on with your bare hands.

Firm grip

One important feature to look out for in CrossFit gloves is grip. This allows you to do more rounds of a workout without having to worry about slips. Some gloves have gel grip prints on then for enhanced grip ability, while other gloves works with chalk for a more effective grip; however there are some gloves made with anti-slip contact padding and or with the use of Neoprene material that works effectively against perspiration, all these are improved technology aimed at making gloves that offer the best grip especially when working on heavyweight equipment.


The durability of a glove is known by how much of a proverbial beating it can endure. Since CrossFit gloves are made for extreme workouts, it is necessary to go for the best gloves for CrossFit that can stand the intensity and pressure of the different activities that will be carried out.

Most durable Crossfit gloves have reinforced stitching and are made of leather or neoprene materials. In some cases, some products have a money back guarantee or replacement program put in place should there be any need to return or replace them with a new one.


Another consideration to be put in place before purchasing your next pair of gloves is how much protection the glove offers. A quality glove should be able to protect some strategic parts of the hand such as the fingers, wrists, knuckles and palms.

The best CrossFit gloves are usually the ones with partial finger covering especially where air circulation is concerned; while a covered glove offers full protection, it restricts or reduces wrist mobility and there are days when workouts could be so intense that there might be no opportunity for hand stretching. For straps, most gloves are made with double wrist support system which is a good one where protection is concerned, although Velcro straps also give an enhanced wrist support.


All crossfitters are not of the same size, therefore there is no one size fit all in CrossFit gloves. Before making a purchase, you should know your size, it might not necessarily be exact, but a close enough to fit without having to trade mobility for comfort and vice versa is necessary. Available size categories include small, medium, large and extra-large.

Other necessary considerations for choosing the best CrossFit Gloves are based on consumers’ preferences such as the:


Can they be afforded without having to work out on empty stomach (pun intended)? Though quality CrossFit gloves are good investment for a crossfitter, it is necessary to consider your personal budget before choosing a glove.


Some crossfitters like stylish and colorful gloves like the Emerge fitness pull up CrossFit grips with a wrist brace. This is why CrossFit gloves are not limited to a style or colors but most brands offer a wide variety of colors to select from.

Special features

Most glove manufacturers improve the quality and features of new gloves based on the feedback they get from customers. These additional features make some cross fitters choose to upgrade from a former glove to a new one just to enjoy the added benefit. Whatever the reason you might need a pair of new gloves, it is important to ensure they meet your criteria based on your level and goals with CrossFit.

How to find the perfect fit and size

Crossfit gloves come in different sizes and because it is usually not possible to open up a new product and return it based on size difference, it is very necessary to know one’s size before placing the order for a new pair. The Crossfit gloves are usually in four distinct sizes, the small, medium, large and extra-large size and one’s hand size can fall in any of these categories.

To find your own CrossFit gloves size, you can measure the circumference of your flattened hand at the knuckle area without including the thumb. We have included a size chart below to guide your perfect size selection. A perfectly fit glove should be comfortable and fit snugly without restricting mobility and flow of blood.

Crossfit gloves sizing chart

Glove Circumference

*Hand Circumference

* Hand Circumf.




6.0" - 6.5"



Less than 120 Lbs

6.5" - 7.0"



120 Lbs - 180 Lbs *

7.0" - 7.5"



120 Lbs - 180Lbs *

7.5" - 8.0"



180 Lbs and above

8.0" - 8.5"



Cell content

8.5" - 9.0"



Cell content

9.0" +



Cell content

Cheap or expensive boxing gloves

Most of the best CrossFit gloves reviewed are sold at affordable prices that won’t break a bank and they are top brand products of guaranteed quality. Going for a cheaper product would not only give inferior gloves but you will end up spending more than necessary when it rips open. One advice; invest in a quality and durable pair of CrossFit gloves and you won’t have to worry about replacing them anytime soon.

Top brands to consider

Below is a list of the top glove brands for CrossFit. You can visit our review page for detailed information on specific products.


Determined to be a leading manufacturer of the best Crossfit gloves, StrongerRx keeps rolling out gloves with the latest technology to meet up with the demands of crossfitters without a drop in quality.

The StrongerRx 3.0 WOD version was a proof of how far they intend to go in ensuring consumers’ satisfaction, with the various technologies included such as the anti-vibration technology, vibration damping polymers to prevent hand and muscles fatigue, the touch screen technology, abrasion resistance and the high-quality Permax fabrics they are made of.

While we are yet to get over the awesomeness of this product, the new release is a wow. StrongerRx has gone an extra mile to prove their integrity in glove making with the LT-15 gloves and the replacement program put in place for the new product, in the case of damages or you get tired of wearing them. StrongerRx is definitely a brand of quality.


The Reebok is a brand name that’s as old as the CrossFit game itself and they definitely understand the rudiments of the game enough to manufacture the best gloves that can withstand the ruggedness of the various CrossFit workouts.

Reebok assures crossfitters of high quality and reliable gloves made out of top grade materials and the latest technology that ensures the overall comfortability, performance, and durability of the gloves. Reebok gloves are also more affordable than another brand, without compromising quality for the price.


The Harbinger brand is first when you are considering suitable gloves for weightlifting. These gloves are considered the best performance gloves from a renowned brand. The Harbingers have been around for like forever and are reputable for the manufacture of real quality gloves that features advanced technology such as the HumanX multifunction wrist wrap that gives a great wrist support and mobility, and the Spider grip that gives an enhance grip even on the smoothest planes. If you are looking for gloves that give good grips, have good looks, comfortable and reputable, think Harbinger!

RockTape G-Gloves

The saying “looks are deceiving” is true of this glove brand. The Rocktape gloves are simple looking enough to deceive most buyers, except those who understand the real treasure hidden beneath its simplicity. The gloves, like pearls in Oyster shells, are prized for their lightweight, the paracord pull strap that gives a snug fit on the hand, the synthetic palm material they are made of and durability.


The Rouge Company is 20 years old in manufacturing high-performance gloves. They are a top brand in the CrossFit world and renowned for their heavy duty, long lasting gloves. The stylish, yet durable gloves are made out of strong materials and are constructed to have a sturdy build with vents that allows easy inflow of air which keeps the hands dry and comfortable all through the workout session. With rogue gloves, you don’t have to worry about damp or stinking gloves, and you can be assured of a strong pair of gloves that can last a while before being replaced.

HumanX X3 Competition gloves

These gloves are suitable for someone just joining the CrossFit world and would love a pair that can make the work easy. They are constructed with a load bearing thumb design, a Neo Tek pull patch for a secure fit, a three-quarter length design that gives a natural feel on grips and they are also made to work well with chalk.

How to break-in your brand new Crossfit gloves

The best Crossfit gloves unlike other gloves are soft because they are usually made of thin layer of materials and padding, but sometimes they need to be broken in to get the best of them. There are several ways to break in a CrossFit glove;

  • Folding: by folding in your gloves in ways similar to your workout routine, they become less rigid and are softened with time to adapt to the hands, especially in the most used parts.
  • Chalking: apply chalk and a little quantity of water on your new pair while twisting and stretching the gloves to get a more comfortable fitted glove.
  • Use one simple but frequent exercises: instead of taking your new pair of gloves straight into the weightlifting room, you can get them adapted to your hands by using them on simple but frequent daily routines where your hands can conform to the gloves.
  • Get used to them: when you get a new pair of CrossFit gloves, there is a new feel you get but you have to make your hands adapt to the new gloves and get used to the weight, the fit, and the holes. With time, there will be continuity between the two.

Care and Maintenance for your Crossfit Gloves

Most, if not all CrossFit gloves are washable which makes them easier to be properly maintained, unlike other hardened gloves. This means that you can easily get rid of accumulated sweat, piled up dirt or chalk, and stains. The following are some ways by which you can properly take care of you gloves

Soak in warm soapy water and carefully rub through each pointed parts to remove accumulated sweat or dirt. You can do this twice for a thorough cleaning before you rinse out.

Avoid drying under direct sunlight as it can weaken the glove fabrics and do not use abrasive materials like a brush to scrub the gloves, this could damage the material or cause the stitches to loosen.

The Best Crossfit Gloves in 2017

Below, we bring you a detailed lists of the best crossfit gloves reviews that will help you narrow down your search for a dependable glove companion for the rest of your crossfitting journey.

CrossFit is one of the best sports that helps an individual to maintain a good physical wellbeing and balance aimed at developing strength and conditioning oneself to different challenging workouts and most times, you might just have to push yourself beyond the limits you have been used to.

Choosing the best gloves for CrossFit is very important especially for those seeking protection from the rigors and stress placed on your hands. Because of what the hands are subjected to, most times, one might end up with tears, calluses, and blisters which could be an eyesore most times especially if you are to end up giving a handshake to friends and business partners, not to mention the discomfort in trying to heal these abrasions.


Having realized the importance of having a pair of the best gloves for CrossFit, it is important you get your own gloves. Though the use of CrossFit gloves does not totally guarantee an injury-free workout, but it reduces the risk to a minimum level, giving your hand a fresh beginning and relief from the intensity of CrossFit activities.

For a supple palm, you can also check out the WODRx moisturizing cream made from the essential oils of peppermint and Eucalyptus (full detail on our review page).

We hope you have been able to get enough information on how to choose your next pair of the best gloves for CrossFit.

However, you can also check out our individual crossfit glove reviews where we have researched, selected and given details on on what's best. We hope we can help you make the selection easier for you.