The Best Football Gloves in 2017 - The Ultimate Guide

Football is unquestionably one of the most popular sports. If you are an avid fan of this sport, you would agree that a good ball grip is very important. This can be achieved by using a reliable pair of football gloves.

The problem, however, is that most people do not take the proper care in looking for the best gloves for football. They are usually bought without much research or information.

In this guide, we will present you with the information you need in order to choose the best glove that will best address your needs and preferences.

Anatomy of a Football Glove

The components of a football glove may differ from one another, depending on the features offered by a manufacturer. However, the standard anatomy of a football glove includes a pair of tranks, a pair of thumbs, four fourchettes (whole), four fourchettes (half), six quirks and two gussets. Additional features may include straps, roller pieces, rollers, studs, eyelets, domes and sockets.

Top Key Considerations When Choosing The Best Football Gloves


The sizes available range from XS (Extra Small) to XXL. The sizes in between includes S (Small), M (Medium), L (Large), and XL (Extra Large). This means making sure that you measure your hands first before looking for the best football gloves. This is particularly true if you purchase online wherein you are not able to wear the gloves to see if they fit your hands well.


Ventilation is very important especially if you have sweaty hands. Even though they may not be naturally sweaty, the length of time spent on the game may take its toll in the ventilation inside the gloves. The best football gloves that use C-Tack material on the palm are ones that offers more ventilation and grip. This is because of their perforated design.


Padding is important because it is what protects your hands from impact. When choosing the best gloves for football, you can look for one that has good padding on both the palm and the backhand.


The durability of a football glove highly depends on the type of material that is used in the construction of the product. Some football gloves review show that among the most durable gloves are those that come equipped with features such as synthetic panel which further adds to the support and durability of the gloves.


Style is what attracts the eye. Most manufacturers of the best football gloves inject their own style on the gloves they create. They usually vary in color and pattern. A combination of an attractive looking and performing pair of gloves is one of high value.

Choosing a Glove Based on Position


A lineman usually receives the hardest hits when playing on the field. As such, their gloves are usually built tough in order to provide protection to their fingers and hands from abrasion, damage, as well as hyperextension. Most of these gloves include the following feature:

  • Rigid finger stays and frames
  • More durable and heavier materials to withstand impact
  • Minimum to zero palm tackiness
  • Improved backhand and palm padding

The gloves that linemen wear are quite different from the usual tact gloves. Linemen do not receive the ball since they usually spend their time fighting the linemen from the other team. As such, they need a kind of glove which can provide protection to their fingers and hands, especially when getting in contact, when stepped on, or even when getting caught in the facemask of the opponent. These lineman gloves are typically padded thick, yet flexible to the hands.

Best Football Gloves - Lineman

Receiver and Running Backs

Receivers and running backs usually need more control in order to hold onto the ball better. As such, they usually have to be stickier, allowing you to easily grab the ball. At the same time, they need to be agile and light through traffic. With these needs in mind, the following features are usually incorporated in their gloves:

  • Improved palm grip
  • Light back padding to provide protection against impact
  • Extended palm around the fingers, from the palm, and up to the thumb
  • Flexible and lightweight construction

Receivers are recommended to have tact gloves. These types of gloves come with a sticky palm, as well as a finger area which ensures that the ball stays in the receiver’s hands. They are usually flexible and soft, allowing the hands to move as freely as possible. Running backs also need more control, while staying agile and light through traffic.

Best Football Gloves - Receiver


Most linebackers prefer having gloves equipped with receiver style grip. In fact, this has become a priority to most of them. This design helps in getting your hands always ready for defense, even getting hold of a loose ball. At the same time, their gloves should be more durable and thicker, considering the type of pressure they have to receive.

Linebackers are expected to contribute a lot to the game. The need to secure the middle, drop back to cover, or bring the ball carrier down. Therefore, they need to have gloves that can provide them the needed support against impact, while making sure that they

Best Football Gloves - Linebacker

Benefits of Wearing Gloves When Playing Football

The advantages of wearing gloves when playing football usually depend on the benefits they offer depending on the player’s position.

Receiver and Running Backs

By wearing the best football gloves, receivers and running backs are assisted to easily grab the ball, while avoiding slipping caused by sweat. Receiver gloves offer an amazing grip, which is highly valuable when you want to make a catch.

There are a lot of gripping materials that can boost this capability. Some use rubber treated textures, others use compound substances which make the gloves tacky, while others also use silicone patches. Grip Boost is one product that has been found effective in this regard. The tackiness of the palms make it possible to experience that amazing one-arm catch.

What is Grip Boost?

Lineman and Linebacker

Linemen and linebackers are usually involved with the most vicious hits during the game. As such, wearing the best gloves for football offer protection to the hands against impact. These models are usually equipped with finger stays and rigid frames which help in preventing the player's’ fingers from potentially bending back while holding back on the other line.

How to Find the Perfect Fit and Size of Football Gloves

Getting the proper fit of your football gloves means getting the right size. This can be done by measuring your hand, starting from the palm base, all the way to the tip of the middle finger. The palm base refers to the very first line or wrinkle that you see where your wrist starts.

Record the measurement, and take it with you as you compare it with the recommended size of each specific glove. Usually, small size gloves can fit hand measurements of 7 inches, medium with 7 ¼ to 7 ½ inches, large with 7 ¾ to 8 inches, as well as 8 to 8 ¼ inches (and up) for extra large.

Of course the best option is to be able to try gloves onto see whether or not you like their overall feel. However, if shopping online, be sure to have someone help you take accurate measurements, and then read customer reviews in addition to carefully comparing to size charts. Various brands may turn out to be smaller or bigger, so be sure to treat each glove you’re looking at individually.

Football Gloves Sizing Chart

Hand Circumference


Hand Circumference (in inches)


7.25" - 7.5"


7.5" - 7.75"


7.75" - 8.0"


8.0" - 8.25"


8.25" and up

Top Brands to Consider When Purchasing the Best Football Gloves

Under Armour Football Gloves

Under Armour is an American company that produces high quality football equipment, including football gloves. Gloves under this brand are high quality, offering professional gripping capacity and protection for both student and professional athletes in the field of football.

They are usually constructed using advanced materials which are designed to allow the skin to stay cool and breathe well, offering amazing ventilation to your hands. On top of that, they also come with a patented sticky material which improves ball handling. There are different styles that you can choose from, adding dash and flair to performance.

Nike Football Gloves

Nike is another well-recognized brand in the sports industry. Their products include the best football gloves. As a matter of fact, most football glove guides include a Nike model under their selection. Nike football gloves are usually known for their cool designs among other desirable features.

There are a number of glove models under this brand. Among the bestselling options under this manufacturer is the Nike Vapor Fly Receiver Gloves. They are known for being very thin and lightweight, thus resulting to an amazing ball feel. Nike also focuses on providing the fingers and hands the best protection possible. Nike has been dominating the market in terms of performance, landing the biggest endorsement deals and sponsorships.

Cutters Football Gloves

Cutters is one of the companies in the sports industry that have excelled in the manufacturing of high quality football gloves. They are especially tacky, feeling thin when worn. The thinness of their gloves is very important as it offers them a natural sensation which enables better clutch and detection in the middle of the game.

Cutters is known for incorporating the C-Tack Grip material, an innovative technology which is designed for both amateur and professional athletes. This has earned the brand a good reputation in the football industry. Aside from increasing game execution, this feature also provides the assurance that a player can play better in a game.

Wilson Football Gloves

Wilson gloves are known for their unique designs and features, especially created for specific players’ positions. Among their best selling models include the Wilson Overlord Adult Receivers Gloves.

This model is constructed using a full silicone palm which ensures unmatched ball hold, designed to improve grasp, using the TACKtech palm technology. Most gloves under the Wilson brand are constructed using high quality materials, including TPU, stretch poly and padded neoprene.

Adidas Football Gloves

Adidas is another well respected brand in this industry. There are a number of models under this manufacturer, and they are designed to offer specific features and capabilities. One such model that always make it to the top football gloves review is the Adidas TechFit Lineman Football Gloves.

The company has also created lines designed especially for various player groups. They are also known for incorporating a unique technology, the Adidas Seamless Double-Coated high gloss silicone palm. This material offers a solid grip which extends all around the thumb, making sure a better a performance while playing.

How to Break-in Your New Football Gloves

As an avid football fan and player, you understand the need to break in your brand new football glove regardless of the position you play. While it may take some time for you to finally break, it is not impossible. Here are some tips on how to do it:

Wear your glove and loosen them up

Wearing your gloves a lot is one of the best things that you can do. Even though you may not be on the field actually playing, you can wear them while at home, moving your fingers all around in order to break them in. Avoid pulling them too tight to avoid stretching or tearing them.

Practice catch with your football on

For this, you can ask a friend to practice catch with using your new gloves. Work on some passes until you feel that you are already comfortable with your gloves. Make sure that you keep on opening and closing the grip in between passes in order to break in faster.

Care and Maintenance for Your Football Gloves

The only way in which you can make sure that your football gloves will last for a long time is to make sure that you take care of them carefully. Make sure that you do so even when you are not wearing them. Make sure to avoid leaving them all balled up inside your gym bag. This can lead to the tendency of losing some grip. Instead, make sure to spread them in the open, allowing the gloves to air dry. You can also wear them each day, even for a few minutes only, so that they can still stay formed well to your hands.

When it comes to washing, make sure to do so after every use. When they are dirty, there is a tendency for them to lose grip, with the ball acting as sandpaper in between them. Sweat can even have an impact on your gloves. The latex can become flaky and brittle. Also, it is always recommended to have at least two pairs of gloves. Some players choose to have one pair for practice and one for the actual game.

How to Properly Wash and Dry Your Football Gloves

The Best Football Gloves on the Market Today

Football is a sport which can be played in different types of weather conditions and temperatures all throughout the year. In order to become a successful football player, there are several variables that need to be taken into consideration in an instinctive way. You surely would not want to risk your game because you failed to choose the right equipment for the game. One such piece of equipment that should be given attention is the football gloves.

There was once a time when football gloves were considered a fad. As time passed by, it has become a common piece of equipment for football players of all backgrounds. They have turned out to be a necessity. For one, they provide the needed protection for players on the field, thus reducing potential risks of exposing your hands to harm during combat. A high quality football glove which is made for your particular position will help in mitigating potential risks, while keeping your hands protected and comfortable, thus allowing you to perform consistently even when exposed with any unpredictable conditions.

Before purchasing a pair of gloves, it is highly necessary to spend some time learning about the type of gloves that suit your needs, preferences and requirements. This is because there are a lot of types of football gloves to consider. In order to help you out with the buying process, we have come up with a list of the best football gloves.

We have reviewed the top football gloves available in the market now so that you can have a basis for comparison. This should help you come up with a well-educated buying decision.






Latest Price

First Place Trophy
Best Football Gloves - Cutters Rev Pro

Cutters Rev Pro

Bag of Money - 4


Best Football Gloves - Nike Vapor Jet Lightspeed

Nike Vapor Jet Lightspeed

Bag of Money - 4


Best Football Gloves - Under Armour F5

Under Armour F5

Bag of Money - 3


Best Football Gloves - Cutters C-Tack Revolution

Cutters C-Tack Revolution

Bag of Money - 3


Best Football Gloves - Under Armour Nitro

Under Armour Nitro

Bag of Money - 3


Best Football Gloves - Cutters Gamer

Cutters Gamer All Purpose

Bag of Money - 4


Best Football Gloves - Nike Vapor Jet 3.0

Nike Vapor Jet 3.0

Bag of Money - 4


Best Football Gloves - Cutters ShockSkin Gamer

Cutters ShockSkin Gamer

Bag of Money - 3


Best Football Gloves - Wilson Authority Skill

Wilson Authority Skill

Bag of Money - 3


Best Football Gloves - Adidas TechFit

Adidas TechFit

Bag of Money - 3


After reading this football gloves guide, you are now in a better situation to make a well-informed decision. Keep in mind, however, that the best gloves for football are not those that are solely recommended by other people. The best football gloves are those that fit your needs, preferences, and taste. Therefore, it is highly recommended to take the time and analyze what your needs are, including the features that you would like to see in a football glove.

Notice that each of the options listed above come with their own set of features, advantages, as well as disadvantages. Take the time to browse through each of them in order to compare and see the options that would best fit your needs as a football player. You may even want to write down first the features that you want, and compare them with the features of the products which are listed above. In the end, you are making a personal choice, one that will give you the best option possible.